Fabrication of Quartz to create a stunning centre piece in the home.

When you want to make a focal point of your dining area – a quartz worktop for your dining table will create the right impact. Traditionally most dining room tables are made of wood which over the years can be hard to maintain and avoid damage from spills, scratches and dents as the table gets used day to day. Also, a wooden dining table may not fit in with a contemporary décor which is why quartz can be an excellent alternative.

Using quartz for your table top can create a stunning focal point within your house and provide a hardwearing surface that will last for many years. Quartz is still top of the list for the most popular worktop material as it is low maintenance, stylish and highly durable – so resistant to stains, dents, chipping and scratches. You do not require any special cleaning materials or maintenance for quartz surfaces, so it is perfect choice for those wanting a high impact with low maintenance.

Quartz comes in many different colours and patterns – a selection of a current quartz range can be viewed here. If you require a sample of our quartz, contact us and we will arrange for a sample to be sent out to you. The wide range of colours and patterns that can mimic the look of marble – without the maintenance, care and expense that real marble would need.

Have a Quartz project in mind?

As we fabricate all our quartz products from large slabs, handpicked we can provide a truly custom look, picking the slabs with the most prominent veins running through the centre and ensuring the quality is second to none. Profiling the edges will create different looks and a truly custom shape to your table. We can also provide other matching quartz products to finish off your room perfectly from windowsills, to hearths, matching side table tops and even coasters and placemats.

Creating a quartz dining table

There are a number of ways to support your new quartz table top and we can advise the right way for your product. You can simply purchase a wooden table top and we can remove the wood to replace with quartz providing the legs are strong enough to support the table top. Or metal legs can be used which will offer a stronger reinforcement. If you have an existing wooden table that you would like to modernise with a quartz surface, we can reinforce the frame and legs if required.

Acrylic legs will provide a truly contemporary look and partnered with a quartz surface will produce a stunning effect. Contact Addition Interiors today if you have a quartz project in mind.


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